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Logan Review 

Spoilers Ahead.

Logan is the end of Wolverine (told you there would be spoilers) now I’ve got that out of the way: review.

It was an incredibly hyped movie but not just because it is Wolverine, but because it was R rated, you can especially tell they used this to their full ability thanks to the amount of f-bombs dropped. Nevertheless, if this movie wasn’t R rated, it just wouldn’t have been as good.


Logan is obviously Wolverine. This movie is set in the future when Wolverine’s powers have started to wear off and he is becoming more human than mutant. Literally the thing that was injected into him that gave him his powers is now killing him off…some form of dramatic irony maybe? Anyway, he’s a squatter in a disused building where he lives with Caliban, an albino who burns in the sun, and Charles Xavier, a now decrepit old man (hard to see him that way to be honest). He believes all mutants have died or been wiped out and there are no new ones until he meets a young girl called Laura, otherwise known as X-23. She turns out to be Logan’s daughter and she has the same powers as him i.e. the claws in his hands (but she also has it in her feet).

He finds out from her nurse, a woman who was killed by the doctors who experimented on these kids, that there was a hospital made where these children were being bred. They’re basically being used as weapons again. She tells Logan that he needs to take her to a place called Eden and when she is there she will be safe. Logan doesn’t believe in such a place but Charles tells him to go along with it. During their road trip, of course, obstacles come about including a rage-clone of Logan himself. Logan must put his pride and deteriorating state to one side to help this young girl get to safety (and creating a whole new cast for the X-Men reboots of course).


This movie was good. It was R rated so there was a lot of gore but that felt more realistic then what we have been shown before. Wolverine really used his claws to a full effect and this made the bad guys seem even worse with their torturing and death of some big characters that really didn’t deserve to die (if you’ve seen the movie you’ll know what I’m on about)!

The only issue I found with this movie was that it dragged quite a bit in the middle. It’s a road trip movie in essence so there’s a lot of driving around and talking. The action is great but it can become a bit sparse when you watch the rest of the movie. If you get past those bits though it is still a very enjoyable watch.

I’ll be interested to see where they go with it all after this. I know people say ‘Oh Wolverine’s just a character, anyone can play him!’ but it’s still hard to imagine someone who isn’t Hugh Jackman playing the role. I guess only time will tell to see where the X Men go to next.

Overall, I definitely recommend Logan. It’s a great movie that adds something new to the superhero genre with its guts and gore and is definitely a good continuation from what Deadpool showed on the big screen. Yes, his end was comedy, and this is gritty realism but the ways they expanded it for a more adult audience definitely made it an enjoyable watch.

What do you think of Logan?

Until next time.

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