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Justice League Trailer Review

I am hyped for this movie! I want it to be good and before this trailer I was incredibly excited. Now I’ve seen this trailer however, I’m a little more skeptical.


Justice League of course brings together Cyborg, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Batman, Aquaman and Superman. Now, what we didn’t see in the trailer was Superman, but, we did see Lois Lane which gives a hint that he will be part of this movie (I mean he’s meant to be dead so they’re probably just keeping it under wraps for now).

Each of the characters have their own little moments in the movie. But, some seemed stronger than others…at least to me. Cyborg looked cool but the CGI on his face didn’t seem up to par to other CGI effects I’ve seen elsewhere. The Flash looks interesting but I’m still not sure on the casting choice as I’ve only ever seen him in Perks of being a Wallflower and of course Fantastic Beasts. The main three that stand out for me at the moment are Batman (even though I’m still not on board with Batfleck yet), Wonder Woman because she is just a goddess and Aquaman. Aquaman seems to be getting a lot of screen time and I think he deserves it, he seems like a very interesting character.


I’m not sure on the baddies shown yet. They are literally giant winged bug creatures and they just don’t have that terrifying, exciting edge. Kind of like the weird faceless people from Suicide Squad. And finally, my biggest issue, is I just think there’s too much going on. This trailer showed a lot of scenes and a lot of battles happening and I don’t know how they’ll fit it in, and make it good, in the run time. Building up the backstory for all these characters too, if they decide too will take time and that could easily be rushed.

I want this movie to be good but I’m sceptical. After Batman v Superman I just don’t know what to expect anymore.

At least I have Wonder Woman, she can be my eye candy.

What do you think of the Justice League trailer?

Until next time.


  1. I agree that’s there’s too much going on. I think some of it is going to be flashbacks, like the huge amazonian battle scene and Cyborgs dad seeing the Motherbox. Aquaman is the best part of the trailer, I think because Mamoa is clearly enjoying the role it’s going to be the stand or performance. Some brilliant set pieces will be seen and lets face it, he just looks awesome. Still hyped for the film but in a cautious way, don’t want to be burned like I was with BvS


    • Flashbacks is an interesting idea! And that could work too. I love the look of Aquaman – never really cared for that character before this adaptation. Very true and a good idea! Let’s hope it is good. I’d hate to be disappointed again

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      • Totally. He’s getting a lot of screen time at the moment to ramp up excitement for his stand alone film (which I think will be the best of the DC films BTW). JL looks great so far, let’s just hope the editing and storytelling is better than BvS


      • WW looks great too, I’m worried about the tone of the humour in it though. I think the action will be great and I love Gal Gadot as WW, just hoping it hits the mark and doesn’t get drowned out by all those idiots who hate on female leads. Have you seen the ultimate cut of BvS? If not I really recommend it, it puts a whole lot of the film in context and the editing is a lot smoother. Don’t get me wrong it doesn’t make it a fantastic film and there is still a lot wrong with it, but at least it is palatable!


      • I hate those people! I recently tweeted about how people were annoyed she had shaved armpits! Like really, does it matter? I have seen the ultimate cut and found it didn’t add anything for me but by that time that movie was ruined for me anyway.

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      • that’s fair, I think I was just desperate for anything to improve on the garbage that was the theatrical cut. It had all the right elements and the perfect chance to be awesome but missed the mark completely.
        The only thing that matters about any lead, be they male or female, is that they do the best they can with the role and script. We can’t ask for anything more. Personally I think Gadot is going to knock it out of the park!


  2. It’s great.Ezra is in it!Of course it’s great.My favourite superheroes are Batman and the Flash so I had to watch it!Amazing post!


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