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Derren Brown: The Experiments Review

This show first aired in 2011 but I only recently found it. I have always been a fan of Derren Brown and his shows are just so interesting. If you want more Derren Brown I also did a review of his show ‘Pushed to the Edge‘ and that certainly made you think.


The Experiments was a four episode series with each episode focusing on a different theme.

The first episode was about the CIA and how the man that shot Robert F. Kennedy doesn’t remember shooting him, and he believes he was under some sort of hypnotic trance. Derren chooses a man who he believes could be influenced to kill another human, in this instance, Stephen Fry. Over the course of the episode the man slowly becomes more influenced and in the end does do the deed, without him even remembering he did it. It’s an interesting episode that puts more interest into what the RFK killer said and honestly made me look up what happened just out of curiosity.

The second episode was a game show. A group of people in a studio are shown a man in a pub surrounded by actors and the audience are able to choose what happens during his evening. They are given a good outcome and a bad outcome that slowly get worse throughout the night. The audience, unsurprisingly, choose the bad options until things go too far. The point of this episode is to show how when we are anonymous or hidden within a group we are more likely to do things we wouldn’t normally do when standing alone. Much to replicate internet trolls and rioters.

The third episode is basically a remake of the game Cluedo. A man is murdered and, even though it is fake, Derren Brown puts into effect little things that make an innocent man think he did it. This wasn’t one of my favourite episodes because it was too overdone. They even got the man drunk and made him wake up outside with blood on his shirt…I mean what do you think he’ll think? Of course he’ll think he did it if you go to that extreme a length!

And finally, the last episode, and my favourite. Derren Brown uses a journalist to put the idea in a town that a statue there is lucky. He then concentrates on different villagers there to see how their luck changes with just this placebo effect. His thinking is the more open you are to doing things and taking chances the more ‘lucky’ you are. It is more of a state of mind than an actual supernatural thing.


The last episode was my favourite because you got to know the villagers and in the end there is a huge lucky chance gambling moment where a man could either make 6x his life savings or lose it all. Although this series came out six years ago it didn’t feel dated. I thought it was a new series as it was recommend to me by the Channel 4 website. Never mind the age, the series is still very interesting and thought provoking. It makes you take into question your own traits and how you view the world around you. It’s also just a bit heartwarming, especially the final episode, so if you haven’t seen this series I definitely recommend it.

What do you think of Derren Brown?

Until next time.



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