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Jennifer’s Body Review

Oh this movie. This movie definitely has to be on the list of girl’s sleepover films. It’s hilarious, weird and a bit scary but definitely a movie you will enjoy watching with your friends.


Jennifer’s Body stars Megan Fox (this was actually the movie that made her my first female celebrity crush) and Amanda Seyfried. Megan’s character Jennifer is the usual ‘popular girl’ from school, incredibly pretty, outgoing and a bit of a *slut* shall we say. Her best friend, Amanda’s character, is a girl called Needy (great name for her character). Needy is a shy girl who’s very ‘plain Jane’ and sweet. She also has a boyfriend, Chip played by Johnny Simmons.

The story really starts with Jennifer, Needy and Chip going to see a band playing in a sleazy bar. During the set the bar suspiciously catches fire and people start to die. Needy, Chip and Jennifer survive but Jennifer is in shock and leaves with the band instead of her friends. When Jennifer turns up to school the next day she is different. It turns out that something happened to Jennifer the night with the band and now she feeds on men to keep her looking attractive.

Cue a lot of unexplained deaths.

Jennifer finally tells Needy what happened that night and why she is the way she is. Finally Needy realises there is only one way to stop the killings, killing her best friend.


It’s a comedy. It’s a bit of a joke and it’s actually quite good. Megan Fox looks amazing, as always, and the storyline isn’t too awful that it makes the film unwatchable. As long as you don’t take it too seriously you should be fine.

Jennifer’s Body has sparked an internet ‘meme’ if you like of quotes and gifs, especially on Twitter. It’s one of those movies that is easily overlooked but is perfect for a gaggle of teenage girls to watch together when they’re in the mood for a crappy scary movie. I still quote this movie in my day-to-day life so it is definitely one I’d recommend.

It’s especially good for Halloween when you don’t want to be too scared. Move over Freddy and Jason…there’s a new killer in town. And this one’s hot!

What do you think of Jennifer’s Body?

Until next time.


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