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This Means War Review

This Means War is an amazing film and may be one of my favourites (this favourites list just gets longer and longer!) I mean, to be honest, what could be wrong with it? It stars Chris Pine, Tom Hardy, and Reese Witherspoon, what’s not to love?


This Means War follows Chris Pine and Tom Hardy, FDR and Tuck, who work for the CIA. They’ve worked together for many years but are polar opposites. FDR is a bit of a playboy who loves showing off his wealth while Tuck is more down to earth, currently going through a divorce with his young son in the middle. Tuck decides to try dating again and meets Reese Witherspoon, Lauren. But FDR also meets her accidentally while trying to chat her up and the two boys start to fall for her. Of course this causes tension not only at work but between the two long-time friends when they realise they’re both dating the same girl. Lauren, of course, is clueless to this going on and just thinks she’s dating two different men. Cue many hilarious moments where the two try to outdo each other on date nights and at work until finally their work and home lives combine into an epic, action packed, climax and Lauren has to choose who she wants to be with.

This movie is great and is easily a movie both men and women will love. It has the action and fast paced excitement of an action movie while still retaining a lot of romantic scenes between Lauren and the two men. It’s also a comedy which just adds to the awesomeness of this movie. It’s a perfect night in movie with everything that any couple or group of friends will love.


The acting and storyline is great but so is the dialogue. There are so many great life lessons you can take from this movie and it is truly heartfelt and sticks with you for a while after seeing it. Each character is individual and there isn’t a moment where you feel the movie is dragging or getting a bit boring.

If you love rom-com action movies this one is for you. Think Central Intelligence/21 Jump Street with a love story thrown in. I mean, how can you not love that?

What do you think of This Means War?

Until next time.

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