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Legends of Tomorrow Series 2

Spoilers ahead (for the first series anyway)

Legends of Tomorrow is the only DC TV show I watch. The only superhero TV show I watch in fact and this series came back quickly….and left just as quickly. Compare it to the original series…well, the original series is always the best isn’t it? But do I recommend giving this one a watch too? Obviously.


Legends of Tomorrow if you don’t know follows a group of people from different DC TV shows. For example, Sara Lance from Arrow and Firestorm (or Jefferson Jackson and Martin Stein if you will) from The Flash.  They are picked up by a time master called Rip Hunter who needs their help, in the first series, saving his family, and in this series, saving time itself. This series also bought back Malcolm Merlyn from the Arrowverse to be this series’ bad guy (or one of them anyway).

So yes, this series starts with Rip having disappeared and (Captain Cold) Snart’s recent demise the team have to work together to find out where Rip is. Along the way they meet the Justice Society of America and work with them, even taking on one of their own in their team. Alongside the team trying to find Rip, Malcolm Merlyn has his own plans to find the Spear of Destiny, a spear that allows the user to rewrite reality as they see fit. Over the series this soon becomes a mission for the Legends too.

It’s a race against time and each other to make sure the world is safe, but do they achieve this? Well, not even the final episode can give you those answers.

And of course there’s the cross over episode with Supergirl, Arrow and The Flash. This was ok. It wasn’t the best crossover and Supergirl was the wettest piece of trash I have ever seen! How that series is continuing I will never know. But, it was interesting to delve into these different shows especially as a person who doesn’t watch them religiously like some do.


Overall, this series was good, it felt a bit rushed at times and the ending was meh. Clearly they’re hoping for a third series but this hasn’t been confirmed or denied so who knows? I think it’ll be renewed but I also think it needs a bit more substance. It seems to be becoming a bit boring already and it is only in its second series. Bring back Snart and stop with all the lovey-dovey romance stuff – it isn’t needed. Make it gritty, make it fun and make it about the conflict and the powers these people possess both in their own superpowers but also with each other. Then that’ll make a really good show.

What do you think of Legends of Tomorrow?

Until next time.

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