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Just Like Heaven Review

How did I never realise David was Mark Ruffalo?


Just Like Heaven is a beautiful movie, and one of my favourite romance movies, and not just because Reese Witherspoon is in it.

It follows two people, David, and Elizabeth. It starts with Elizabeth, a doctor, at work. She  has just done a 26 hour shift when she is sent home and heads on her way to her sister’s house for dinner. As she drives there however a truck suddenly comes into view and the screen fades to black.

A quick change happens where we then meet David, a man looking for an apartment to lease.  He is introduced to an apartment unexpectedly and falls in love with it even though it is up for rent under ‘mysterious circumstances’. Soon enough we learn about these circumstances as Elizabeth starts to appear and disappear at random in David’s new apartment telling David that it is her home. Soon it turns out that Elizabeth is in some ghost-like state. After some digging it turns out that Elizabeth isn’t dead but actually in a coma from the car crash with the truck we saw earlier. Time passes as they try to work out a way to stop Elizabeth from dying, when, she wakes up not remembering who David is. Cue the soppy romance ending and the two main characters getting together…obviously.

This movie is adorable. It’s a very easy to watch movie with some good funny moments and a lot of heartwarming moments too. The characters are relatable and fun to watch and the pace isn’t too bad.


It does follow the same old movie tropes though, of the dilemma at the start, the two getting together but not really, the dilemma at the end and then the resolution. Seriously, watch some romance movies and you’ll see that nearly all of them follow the same sort of style. It’s weird but not uncommon with other genres either.

If you want an easy to watch film with a good story and good actor choices, give this one a go. It may not be that memorable but it’s certainly one that will entertain you. And one that I haven’t heard much of out there in the public eye so maybe if you haven’t heard of it either, give it a go.

What do you think of Just Like Heaven?

Until next time.

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