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Titanic Review

If you haven’t seen this movie, have you been living under a rock?


Titanic, as many will know stars Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio (back in his cute days – seriously though, who didn’t have a crush on him at this stage?) It’s the old poor boy vs rich girl romance where they know it’s wrong but they can’t help it. Kate Winslet plays Rose, the rich girl, and Leo plays Jack, the poor boy. They both board the Titanic on its doomed voyage under very different circumstances and end up meeting when Rose threatens to kill herself off the back of the boat (first world problems and all that).

They start up a crazy romance and vow to leave off the boat together but sadly that day never comes. The Titanic hits the iceberg and the two are left fighting for their lives as are the rest of the ship. Jack and Rose go down with the ship but, with some quick thinking, are able to resurface and Jack pushes Rose onto a door floating in the ocean.

Jack dies. Of course he does, can’t be a romance without one of the characters dying can it? And Rose promises to never let him go, before quickly letting him sink to the bottom of the ocean. That lasted long.

Rose takes Jack’s last name when she is rescued on land and does exactly what Jack wanted her to do: live a long life and have lots of babies etc.

But wait, there’s more! There’s a reason the Titanic came up at this point, as part of the movie is set in the ‘present day’. A team are looking for the ‘heart of the ocean’ a very expensive necklace. They didn’t know however that Rose had the necklace the whole time and she happily drops it into the ocean at the end of the movie. Between Jack and the necklace, she seems to like dropping things into the ocean doesn’t she? Too soon?

And that’s basically it.

But don’t get me wrong. I love this movie. It’s just, everyone has seen it.

Everyone retweeted those memes on Twitter about Rose and the door and everyone cries every Christmas when they show it on TV.


And while this movie is beautiful and tragic, the real story is a lot more heartbreaking because it’s real. Real people died that day and researching into that is a lot more interesting then watching the same movie for the 100th time in a row and still crying at the same point. That point for me is when she’s looking up at Jack as she’s being lowered in a get away boat, with the flares going off behind him and the music, it’s beautiful.

Titanic is a wonderful love story but don’t forget about the real people on that boat that night. The old couple cuddling in their bed as the room fills with water, or the mother putting her two little children to sleep so they don’t have to witness the horror. Those were real people and those are the stories we should be talking about. Because those are the people that matter.

What do you think of Titanic?

Until next time.


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