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This is the End Review

How has no one ever done a movie like this before?


This Is The End is a great movie. Even if it’s a bit meh, it’s a great movie just because of what it is. There are no characters, only actors. And the end of the world of course.

James Franco, as James Franco, goes to visit Seth Rogan, as Seth Rogan. Get the jist? No characters! They’re hanging out when a story of a sinkhole is shown on the news. They ignore it, they’re high, whatever. Later on they’re at a party with a lot of other celebrities. Michael Cera’s being a bit of a weirdo, what’s new? Rihanna slaps him, it’s all good.

When suddenly!

A huge sinkhole appears outside and the end of the world begins. ‘Good’ people are being taken up to the heavens while the ‘bad’ people are left on the ground. These include James, Seth, Jonah (Hill) Jay (Baruchel) and Craig (Robinson). They hide in the house and board up the doors and windows. They start to realise that they need to ration their belongings, which include a gun, but this gets interrupted a bit when Emma Watson, looking for shelter takes their rations when the guys accidentally joke about having sex with her within her earshot.

Over the movie the lads encounter many different obstacles including scary alien like monsters and even Channing Tatum pretending to be a BDSM dog (that may be my favourite role of his yet). The group realise they have to do good to the world around them to be accepted into heaven, and this becomes their goal. Do they actually get to heaven however? Well that’s for you to find out.


This is one of those typical terrible movies that you watch when you’re drunk with your friends. It’s funny at times but is a bit childish overall. I like it because I have that childish humour, but if you’re maybe a bit more sophisticated than me, you probably won’t enjoy it as much.

The idea of this movie is what makes it so great. Breaking the fourth wall, making the actors themselves and not some other character. Those are the bits that make this movie so good. It also makes it believable if you can get over the apocalypse scenario.

I enjoy this movie, and you could too, you just have to know that it is dumb. It’s more of a guy’s movie definitely but any girl could enjoy it too. Especially if she’s a fan of Seth Rogan. Give it a go! You may be surprised.

What do you think of This is the End?

Until next time.

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