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Superbad Review

This is one of my favourite movies ever. Period.


Superbad is hilarious. Superbad is the perfect movie for your teenage years, and even your young adult years to look back on and think ‘this is like an American Inbetweeners, if the American Inbetweeners was actually good’. Of course, it’s American, but I think us British can easily compare our teenage years to this (or how we wish our teenage years were more like this) and it helps a lot that the characters are so funny. This movie definitely started up my Jonah Hill crush.

Superbad follows three teenagers, Seth (Jonah Hill), Evan (Michael Cera) and Fogell (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) also known as McLovin’. Seth and Evan are close friends while Fogell kind of tags along with them. They get invited to a high school party, a surprise for them as they are very unpopular, and because Seth is infatuated with the girl that is hosting the party, Jules (Emma Stone) he promises to buy her alcohol for the party because they’re all underage and he makes up a story about an ‘older brother’. Seth has an issue with this though because obviously that man does not exist but that is sorted when Fogell reveals his fake I.D: McLovin’. He says he will get the alcohol but a robbery happens during the buying process and police are called. The two lads think their friend has been busted for buying the drinks so run away and this leads into a crazy night had by all three boys in incredibly different and crazy circumstances. It’s a coming of age comedy movie with a great cast and a lot of laughs.


The thing with these three boys is that you get to know them quickly. You learn the ins and outs of their lives and so you feel like you can really connect with them. That’s what makes this movie so good. They become your friends and so when they do good, you feel happy and when they do bad, you laugh at them.

They’re also the underdogs so you feel like you want them to do well because they have gone through so many awkward and funny moments already. And even though this movie is 10 years old now (can you believe it!) It’s still incredibly relatable and still holds up well (even if the lack of iPhones is disturbing!).

This is a movie to watch with your friends or alone. If you need a pick me up or just a simple comedy that you know will make you laugh, this is the movie for you. It is brilliant and, even though it can be a bit dumb at times, it’s a classic coming of age film that is up there with the rest. If you haven’t watched it, put it on your watch list and I hope you enjoy it just as much as I do.

What do you think of Superbad?

Until next time.


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