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The Great Gatsby Review

Come on, who didn’t have to read The Great Gatsby at school? And no, just watching the movie doesn’t count!

At school, I quite enjoyed reading The Great Gatsby and even went through a time in my life where I called all my Sim characters Gatsby because I loved that name so much (cringe I know). So when I found out there was a movie coming out, I was so excited. And it stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire and Carey Mulligan? I was all for this movie!


The Great Gatsby doesn’t actually follow Jay Gatsby, not really. It follows Nick, a man who moves next door to Gatsby in a small cottage (while Gatsby owns a ridiculously lavish mansion). Soon Nick attends one of Gatsby’s crazy parties and all these rumours fly around about who the real Jay Gatsby really is – there is certainly an air of mystery around his character. When Nick finally meets Jay they become fast friends and end up spending a lot of time together. Jay even reveals to Nick that he likes to look at the green light on the other side of the lake from his home in the evening time. Nick realises that this green light is where his cousin Daisy lives. Daisy and Gatsby had a romantic fling years before but she has moved on and married while Gatsby still pines for her. Nick has a go at being matchmaker and tries to get the two together but this doesn’t work. To not spoil the ending, a whirlwind of occurrences happening causing the death of a big character and the true characteristics of others coming to light.

The Great Gatsby is a spectacle. It’s set in the 1920s and so features a lot of over the top costumes and clever music. Instead of going back to the olden days with the soundtrack new music styles are mixed with old to create a whole new style in itself. If anything, give the soundtrack a listen, it’s wonderfully addictive.


But the movie, the movie is very well done and is a beautiful piece of cinema. Of course Leo shines in his character and even Tobey fits perfectly into the role of Nick. The story is a bit longwinded at times but it certainly pulls itself back in the final quarter of the movie, and anytime the soundtrack is used to its full effect really.

To take a novel that is a bit drab in parts and to create such a wonderful movie is a real feat in itself. You really appreciate the story when you see it on the big screen.

I definitely recommend this movie. If you enjoyed the Moulin Rouge you’ll really enjoy this movie as there are a lot of similarities. Well they both included Baz Luhrmann so of course they’ll be similar! It’s a perfect movie when you want a little bit of drama and a lot of glamour.

What do you think of The Great Gatsby?

Until next time.

Oh, and before I forget, watch the short video below if you have already seen The Great Gatsby, it’ll blow your mind!

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