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Reported Missing Review

Spoilers Ahead.

Reported Missing was a three episode series on the BBC about people who are reported missing. It delved into a world usually unseen by the public and really pulled on our heartstrings.


In each episode they would concentrate on a different missing persons’ story. But in the first episode they followed two: a missing boy called Joshua who left home after an argument with his mum and Katie, who had left home after leaving a suicide note.

These two stories were so different but so similar in so many ways. Of course young Joshua just blew up and needed space whereas Katie clearly felt alone and worried a lot of people in disappearing. Luckily, both the children were found safe and are reunited with their friends and family who remind them just how loved they are.

In the second episode we followed the single missing persons case about a man called Darren who disappears from a friends BBQ party after having an argument with his newly-wed wife. She reports him missing after three days and has some issues with the police where her story changes a lot and doesn’t equal up with what other witnesses have been saying. All the police know was that Darren took their car and was incredibly angry when he left. A week long police hunt for Darren happens until he is located by a member of the public…in the middle of a wooded roundabout. Darren sadly passed away from a car accident where his vehicle became airborne and he had been dead since the night of the BBQ. Dying just ten minutes after leaving the party. It’s an incredibly hard episode to watch especially as we get to know his brother and see his reaction to Darren’s death. Although it’s an interesting watch it is definitely not the outcome anyone would want.

And finally, in the last episode 82 year old Archie disappears from his home and he suffers from dementia. His wife of 60 years had passed just two months earlier and it was a huge worry for all his family because of his age, the fact he has trouble walking, and his dementia. Inconsistencies and worries about other family members come to light by the police but thankfully those are proven wrong when it is seen on CCTV that Archie left his home of his own accord. After over 50 hours in the cold and rain Archie is located…alive. He doesn’t really understand what is happening and even says to the rescuers ‘you must be cold’. Archie is moved into a care home to stop him wandering away again but he is reunited with his family. A wonderful heartwarming end to a rollercoaster of a series.


This series was so interesting. It highlighted all the work the police, and other groups like the mountain rescuers, do to help people and how far they are willing to go to make sure that person ends up home safe. It also shows you the ups and downs the family go through while waiting to hear from a loved one.

Although this series only lasted three episodes it is a compelling piece of TV to watch and leaves you on the edge of your seat until the missing is found. It’s real life too which makes it all the more heartwarming or tragic when the person is found. Real people with real stories that you really do feel connected to over the hour you watch the show.

What did you think of Reported Missing?

It’s only on BBC iPlayer for a few more days so watch it while you can!

Until next time.

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