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Ultimate Beastmaster Review

Do you enjoy Total Wipeout? Do you enjoy Takeshi’s Castle? Then you have to watch this!


Ultimate Beastmaster is a game show where contestants from certain countries fight it out to win and be the Ultimate Beastmaster. The obstacle course is built to resemble a Beast that the contestants have to beat in the quickest time and with the highest score. They would then go onto a head to head challenge before one would make their way to the final. There were 10 episodes, with episode 10 being the finale, so 9 contestants made it to the final to battle it out!

The different countries competing were USA, South Korea, Brazil, Germany, Japan and Mexico, and each of the countries had their own presenters. America’s presenters were Terry Crews and Charissa Thompson, but they were all there every round to cheer on the contestants and you saw their friendships grow with each episode too which was brilliant to see and so different to other gameshows.

So the actual game consists of four levels that move across the Beast’s body and into other areas of the arena. These levels are there to challenge the competitors in different ways including speed, agility, arm strength, leg strength and mental strength too. As the competition moves on the areas get tougher and people are eliminated until only two remain. They then battle it out up a rock climbing wall which includes holders for your hands and feet, slits for your fingertips and a small tube you must push yourself up with no grip included. It’s very taxing and very exciting to watch.

I finished this series in just a few days because of how addictive it is. Although the Beast course never changes seeing how people go about trying to beat it and how it beats them is really interesting.


The annoying thing I found about this series however was the inconsistencies in the obstacle course itself. On one episode the contestants would have to swing from a chain suspended from the ceiling and next week it would be changed to standard rope, then chain again. It was little things like that, that made the challenge seem a little unfair, especially when a lot of the contestants who had the rope had severe rope burn on their hands and that made it impossible for them to continue competing.

There was a similar issue with the final too. Instead of challenging the contestants a lot and pushing them to their limit, as well as showing something new to the audience, they simply made a couple of the obstacles a little smaller or thinner but had the overall course the same. It felt a bit anti-climactic seeing as the contestants already knew the course and it didn’t seem like much of a challenge to them.

However, it was a very enjoyable series to watch and I hope they make more. It’d be great to see England represented too! But it’s definitely a good little series to binge watch on Netflix over the weekend and of course you’ll have your favourites to win!

Have you seen Ultimate Beastmaster?

Until next time.


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