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Groundhog Day Review

Anyone else getting a real sense of deja vu?


Groundhog Day is a movie that stars funny man Bill Murray who plays Phil, a weatherman who is at the Groundhog Day event with a co-worker, Rita. Phil isn’t the nicest person to get along with and treats the people around him very badly. He also hates the whole Groundhog Day fiasco and the ‘rat’ as he calls it that it is based around.

But something changes.

Phil wakes up the day after Groundhog Day to find it is in fact Groundhog Day again, and again, and again, and again. Phil first uses this to his advantage, doing things he knows will have no repercussions because the day will be reset and even uses it to try and get closer to Rita, learning things about her one day to impress her the next. He soon realises though that if he does not change his ways and help the people around him instead of exploiting them he will be trapped in this loop forever.

It is never disclosed how long Phil is trapped for but there are plenty of very interesting theories online that have tried to work it out. I definitely recommend them!

But honestly, and I don’t want this to sound like a pun or whatever, but I found this movie quite repetitive. Phil’s a terrible guy and yeah maybe he does help a few people out but he’s only doing it to help himself. I never got on board with him and that tainted the movie for me. How am I meant to enjoy the movie when I can’t even connect with the character we should be rooting for?


It’s a very good idea and an easy watch but it’s only so easy because it’s quite tame. It doesn’t push the boat out, it just follows Phil again and again until the end. I guess in a loop you end up with not many options or areas to explore but it was still quite simple and underwhelming.

Of course, give it a go, plenty of people go on about this movie like it’s the best thing since sliced bread but for me it’s a meh rating. I wish I enjoyed it more but I just couldn’t get into it. Maybe you’ll have a different outcome.

What did you think of Groundhog Day?

Until next time.


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