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Hustle Review

This show might be old, and you can tell that from the phones they use, but you should still watch it!


Hustle is based in London and follows a group of conmen and women who con bad people out of 100s of thousands of pounds. There are eight series in total and characters leave and get replaced throughout it so there’s always something new to see.

Each episode can also be watched as stand alone one offs. Yes some connect together but you don’t really need to know all the backstory to understand the con. The con starts and ends in one episode and, for the first few series’, they talk you through the con completely and show you what you missed during the episode.

Now I say the first few series’ because later on, when new characters join, they lose it a bit. They still show you how the con works but they don’t show you the little moments during the episode so it feels chucked in and a bit of a cop out. How are the audience supposed to know this person was working for them too? Or that they added an extra little detail that was never shown in the episode but meant a big change at the end? It was thrown together and in some ways sloppy. The original cast and, I’m guessing, the original writers are so much better.


You get character development, you get references to previous cons and you also get a very interesting meta moment that takes you completely off guard. It is incredibly clever but also a bit unexpected. It’s seen overhanging throughout all the series’ but when it comes together in the end it really packs a punch.

This show is perfect to watch on and off because you don’t really have to remember the previous episodes’ storylines. It’s great to put on when there’s nothing else to watch but you don’t have to invest too much interest in it to get it. Although, this show is addictive and you can’t just watch one episode…be warned, you will end up binge watching them all.

I definitely recommend the show and I’d love to know what you think of it in the comments below!

Until next time.


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