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Tattoo Artist of the Year Review

Spoilers ahead.

Tattoo Artist of the Year was a new series on Channel 4 that took ten talented tattooists from around the country and challenged them against each other to create quirky, exciting tattoo designs for a range of clients. This show ran for 6 episodes over 6 weeks and starred Jay from Tattoo Fixers and Rose Hardy a famous tattoo artist as the presenters. Each week the contestants were challenged with a new style of tattooing, whether that be traditional Japanese tattoos, realistic animal tattoos, or even a steak bake on a drag queen’s leg.


Each week another person was sent home, sometimes two at a time, until there was the final three.

The final three this year was Cookie, JJ and Luke. Cookie wowed everyone. He was incredibly funny and friendly, always tried his hardest to do what his client wanted and never shied away from a challenge.

JJ was a loveable giant who always tried his hardest. Him and Cookie were on the same level for me. They both definitely deserved their places in the final.

And then there was Luke. Although Luke was consistent with what he created and always made it look good he never stood out as one to win. He wasn’t memorable. But he was incredibly rude. If he didn’t want to do a tattoo he wouldn’t do it. He even sent a client away because he outright said he didn’t want to do their tattoo and obviously his client wasn’t willing to budge from the original idea. He also liked to stay in his comfort zone and didn’t push the boat out unless he was forced to.

Everyone was sure there was a winner in JJ or Cooke but it was a surprise to all when Luke walked away with the title.


And man, were people annoyed.

Just checking the Hashtag TAOTY on Twitter you can immediately see the disappointment. People even exclaimed they had wasted hours of their lives watching this show for that anticlimactic and totally not deserved ending.

In my opinion I don’t think he deserved it either. Yes he’s good at what he does but he’s also stuck up and very argumentative. I was shocked he even made it to the final as it was definitely not deserved.

Other contestants were just as strong as Luke and were nicer but they were kicked out without a second look when they messed up. But when Luke messed up and has problems and even turns away clients he’s suddenly crowned the winner.

Cookie was in the bottom two one week so I understand in a way why he didn’t win even though he is a wonderful tattooist. JJ was robbed. JJ has stood out and really tried his hardest throughout the competition. His watercolour tattoo, a tattoo style he had no experience with blew the judges out the water and yet he was still left in second place.

I was shocked and it definitely annoyed me. I’m just glad others shared my shock.

But what did you think? Are you proud Luke won or do you think Cookie and JJ were robbed?

Until next time.

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