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Ouija Review

Ouija boards are something that are a crazy part of the horror franchise…so how can one movie make it so lame?


Ouija is a standard ‘teenagers are dumb’ horror movie that follows a group of teenagers who’s friend has died. She hung herself……………… but did she? OOooo scary.

Anyway, they start using the Ouija board to try and communicate with their dead friend when really they are communicating with a demon. This demon then terrorises them and kills them off one by one by turning their eyes a milky white and sewing their mouths together. There’s a lot of fake out jump scares, a lot of boring conversation and of course a lot of dumb decisions.


This movie tries to bring in rules for the Ouija board like you must never play alone and you must always say goodbye but then almost immediately do these rules get thrown out the window. A lot of the performances in this movie are very static and awkward and it doesn’t flow nicely. It’s quite disjointed and the amount of jump scares within it you’d think the producers knew no other way of being scary.

This movie isn’t even worth wasting an hour and a half to watch. It has all the horror cliches we know and hate to love but they just feel old and outdated. If you’re going to use a horror prop that has been used countless times before at least make it a bit new and exciting otherwise you’re just seeing the same old horror story but with the worst actors imaginable.

If you liked this movie please tell me why, I would like to see it from your view.

Until next time.

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