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Wall-e Review

Wall-e is one of my favourite Pixar movies. If this movie is not at least in your top five Pixar movies…you’re lying.


Wall-e follows a little robot obviously called Wall-e who has been left behind on Earth to clean up the mess the humans left. At the beginning there were thousands of Wall-e’s cleaning but overtime they have rusted and ‘died’ and this one Wall-e is the only one left.

But this one is different.

He searches for things while cleaning and finds human things he likes. Like a spork and an old film. He also has a yearn for love and companionship in his lonely existence.

Then Eve drops in . Eve is a robot from a space ship that is searching for life on Earth to see if humans can return. Wall-e sees her and falls in love. He offers her a plant and her scans realise it is living and she is shot back up in a ship to the space shuttle the humans have been living on for hundreds of years to say the earth is habitable. Wall-e follows Eve to keep her safe because obviously he loves her but there is something much more sinister happening below.

The captain of the ship has lost his power and the robot that is supposed to help him navigate is taking over with orders from years ago saying that humans must never return to Earth. It is up to the captain, Eve and little Wall-e to try and get everyone home.

It’s a cute love story with a very interesting storyline about the environment and how this could be our future if we aren’t careful.


It’s a family movie of course but it has a very deep meaning. Wall-e’s character is the cutest little robot you will ever see and his longing for love and happiness, even though he’s a robot, is so sweet especially as you see him grow within the movie from a simple robot to someone who really makes a difference. Pixar like that character, the underdog that goes onto do amazing things because they believe in themselves.

Wall-e is one of those movies that comes along every once in a while and really sticks with you. Not just because of the characters or the storyline but just because of what it is. Every little detail fits together perfectly and, being a stand alone film, it isn’t ruined by the ideas of sequels or over the top extra stories. I mean look at Cars, the first movie was a good movie and from there…it just got worse and worse.

Snuggle down with some snacks and watch Wall-e when it’s raining outside. It’s the perfect way to spend an evening.

What do you think of Wall-e?

Until next time.

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