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Dead Man’s Chest Review

The second in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. That means it not as good as the original, but still good.


This movie starts with Will and Elizabeth’s attempt at getting married, which of course is interrupted. The two are imprisoned for their involvement with Captain Jack. Captain Jack is on his ship, The Black Pearl, and this is where he meets Will’s father, Bootstrap Bill Turner. He tells Jack that he is part of the crew for Davy Jones’ ship the Flying Dutchman and he must join them if he does not want to end up in Davy Jones’ locker or fight the Kraken.

Will and Elizabeth escape and Elizabeth meets a voodoo priestess known as Tia Dalma. She knows the weakness of Davy Jones: his heart which is locked in a chest (haha Dead Man’s Chest…get it?). They find the chest but in a fight it is lost. The ship they are on ends up being dragged down under the water by the Kraken but everyone manages to escape, apart from Jack.

In the end Jack’s crew, along with Tia admit they need to save Jack and start to devise a plan. They need a new captain and Tia has the perfect person: the resurrected Barbossa (what?!).


This movie is good. It still has the original excitement and the revival of old characters as well as new keeps things fresh and interesting while making sure the audience are happy with who they are watching. It’s still as hilarious and, even though it’s a bit far fetched at times, it’s still not too unbelievable that you wouldn’t enjoy it.

The inclusion of the voodoo priestess adds a different element to the movie that it didn’t have in the first one and the excitement of the ending and what could happen next really excites people for part 3….but was part 3 any good?

What did you think of Dead Man’s Chest?

Until next time.

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