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At World’s End Review

Where we left off: Captain Jack has been dragged to Davy Jone’s locker and his crew, including Tia (the voodoo priestess) and Barbossa are off to save him.

Now let’s get into this film.


So his crew, along with the two above and Elizabeth and Will travel to Singapore to visit Captain Sao Feng who owns a map to the locker. Jack, who is obviously in Davy Jones’ locker, has a run in with some crabs that look like rocks – it’s all very bizarre really. But, the crew end up travelling to the locker and rescue him non the less.

When they return to the real world they find out all their enemies have grouped together to defeat them. Elizabeth is captured by Sao Feng who believes she is the goddess Calypso. She is not but he dies before knowing this and appoints her his successor as Pirate Lord before dying (Jack is also a Pirate Lord).

Calypso turns out to be Tia, the voodoo priestess and she is released from her human form to be with Davy Jones again, but it turns out that Davy Jones betrayed her so understandably she becomes angry and brings on a huge storm to the ship.

Within this storm the Flying Dutchman and the Black Pearl fight until Davy Jones is killed. In the scuffle Will is also stabbed and the ship is vacated while the Dutchman’s men take it over with Will still aboard.

Will survives however now Captain of the Flying Dutchman and he returns to the group but must tell them that he is now doomed to sail the sea for ten years with the souls of the ship. Will and Elizabeth meet one last time before his voyage on a remote island where she falls pregnant and he leaves his heart with her (how romantic) in a chest.

Jack has other plans however as he heads towards finding the fountain of youth.

(They like to think they’re always going to get another movie don’t they).


This movie is long! It is a very long movie with a few dull moments but the fight scenes are still incredibly well done. It also has a thing for crabs which I never truly understood. It is still a good movie however even if it has become a bit convoluted and more than it was supposed to be when it began. It hasn’t lost its way, it’s just trying new things out that may not be the best for it. It still has the comedy, the romance and the adventure but it’s all becoming a bit stale now. How they’re bringing out a fifth I will never know.

What do you think of At World’s End?

Until next time.


  1. I rewatched this myself last night and agree with your sentiments – everything the film tries its hand at, it accomplishes, there is just waaaaay too much going on that it becomes overlong and convoluted.

    The effects are still spectacular, the action still thrilling and the humour still chucklesome. I always remember preffering this one to Dead Man’s Chest, but now i’m not so sure.


    • Very interesting comment. I watched these first as a kid so that’s why I enjoyed them so much but watching back you see things more clearly. Some scenes were amazing but yeah some fell short. Will have to see how the new one matches up to the rest

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