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Prison Break Season 5 Review

Wait…is this really the end?


Prison Break ended back in 2009 but fans of the show wanted more, so they came back, with possibly the last series of Prison Break (let’s hope not).

The series returns with Michael being not actually dead but in a jail in Yemen trying to free a terrorist for the CIA, or a special part of the CIA. His wife Sara has now remarried and lives with her new husband and Michael’s son, Michael. She is still in contact with Michael’s brother Lincoln and he is the man who travels to Yemen to try and see if he can free Michael and bring him home. What follows is a whirlwind ride full of CIA secrecy, terrorists and a framing that caused Michael’s disappearance in the first place. Old and new faces join forces and it’s good to see the characters you know and love, as well as some new exciting ones, return to the screen again.


I was surprised at how quick this series went. There were a lot of story lines and a lot happened but time seemed to fly by. It was intricate and interesting but didn’t hold a candle to the original series (later series never seem to, do they?). It was nice to see the old team back together and it rounded things out nicely but it also felt a bit short. I would’ve liked to have seen more, had more episodes, delved deeper into the seven years that Michael was supposedly dead.

It did shock me in parts though and really kept me interested and on my toes so don’t discredit this series at all. If you loved the original Prison Break you’ve probably already watched this so I’d love to know what you think. But if you haven’t, go watch the series’, because they are very interesting and very fun to watch.

And Wentworth Miller is a beautiful human being.

What did you think of the return of Prison Break?

Until next time.

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