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Catching a Killer Review

Spoilers ahead.

Catching a Killer was a one off crime documentary on Channel 4 following the disappearance and subsequent murder of Natalie Humming. It delves deep into the story from start to finish and includes the police’s investigation as well as the family’s grief. It’s a very interesting watch.


So the documentary begins with Natalie being reported missing by her mother. Natalie herself is a mother of three kids and lives with their father who her family don’t get on too well with. He has a history of control and abuse over Natalie and they have told her on many occasions to leave him.

The evening of her disappearance her partner tells the police that she went out with a work colleague and he ‘raped’ her. In texts the police find however they paint a very different picture where Natalie says she felt wanted for the first time in a long time with said colleague. The partner becomes even more prominent in this case when their son details that on the night of his mother’s disappearance he heard loud banging from downstairs and the rug from the living room was missing. The coffee table that would’ve been above the rug had blood splatter on it and the family car had red fibers, most likely from the rug, and blood in it as well.

A little while later, Natalie’s body is found.

And thanks to the evidence Natalie’s partner is sentenced for the murder. This sends shock waves through the family with both happiness for his sentencing and grief for losing their daughter, sister and friend.


This show was incredibly interesting. Seeing how the police put the pieces together to find her killer as well as waiting for answers as to why and how one person could do this to someone they love.

Her family said that if Natalie’s death saves one person from an abusive relationship then her death was not in vain.

And that’s the main point here. If you don’t feel safe or happy you shouldn’t stay in the situation just because it’s convenient or you think it’ll get better. Life is too short to spend time with someone who doesn’t value you. Natalie had an evening with her colleague that yes pushed her partner over the edge but also gave her a sense of freedom she never had. She was happy for that one night and it is such a shame that her story had to end at the hands of a man who should have loved her.

How can you be with someone for a decade and do something so barbaric?

Until next time.

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