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Wonder Woman Review

Holy moly, you need to see this movie!

As you probably know, I haven’t had the best relationship with DC movies. Batman vs Superman was a drag and Suicide Squad….well, we don’t even talk about that one.

But this movie. This movie has changed my mind about DC and made me so excited for the Justice League movie.


Wonder Woman is the origin story and beginnings of the hero we now know as Wonder Woman. She starts out on her island paradise as a child wanting to fight evil and do good. Her mother, the Queen is unsure on this as she knows Diana (soon to be Wonder Woman) has power beyond her belief.

But overtime her mother softens and allows her daughter to train and fight. When Diana has grown into a young adult a man plunges into their world in a plane and Diana saves him from drowning. Following him is a group of Germans as the world is in the full force of the first world war but Diana’s home island is protected from the outside world. The Germans find this land and Diana is given her first taste of war.

She speaks to the man she saved from the water, a spy called Steve Trevor. He tells her of the war and she believes the Germans have been brainwashed by Ares, the God of war. She leaves with Steve taking the ‘god killer’ sword and other weapons with her to fight Ares and end the war.

Along the way Wonder Woman learns of the place of women at the start of the 20th century and goes above and beyond to try and stop the war…but things, of course, aren’t what they seem.


This movie is badass. I was amazed by it. This is exactly what young women and girls need, a boost and a drive to do something amazing. I find Wonder Woman to be incredibly inspiring and everything I want to be really. She is a brilliant role model and this movie is amazing.

But I did find it dragged a bit, especially at the start, but once the action started and Wonder Woman really showed us what she was made of that made up for any of the more boring talky bits earlier on.

Each of the characters are wonderful and have their own little quirks and stories. And what I loved was that the guys didn’t hold Diana back. She was her own woman and she played by her own rules and she did what she wanted to do. It’s a real feminist movie where the girl definitely doesn’t need saving, but really, she also doesn’t need the guys there to help her an awful lot. Apart from the shield moment and the (SPOILER) big ending but that was a needed sacrifice.

I cannot recommend this movie enough. It is a lot like a war movie so go in with that mentality, more than a superhero movie (up until the second half anyway) and I think you’ll enjoy this movie a lot more than if you’re expecting action right from the outset.

Wonder Woman is the character we have all been waiting for and I hope she is just as badass in the Justice League later on in the year.

What do you think of Wonder Woman?

Until next time.



  1. I agree it feels a lot more like a war movie than a superhero movie, and I’m sure that’s a big part of why I loved it so much. Nice review!

    Also, I just wanted to point out that the link on your gravitar page links to an empty website ( I had to do a search for you to find your real website. I’d recommend you fix that so people can more easily access your great site! Oh, and thanks for the follow. Happy to follow you back!


  2. It’s interesting: before I saw this film, I had little hope Justice League would be any good. Now, though, I cannot wait to see Justice League.

    Weird, given they’re not even made by the same people, but it is what it is. Great review!


    • Thank you! I have high hopes for Justice League but I am worried it won’t be as good as it could be and a bit of a let down as I haven’t liked many of the other DC movies


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