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The Chillenden Murders Review

Who do you think killed Lin and Megan Russell?


The Chillenden Murders was a two episode series on the BBC reviewing the murders and attempted murder of Lin, Megan and Josie Russell in 1996. Michael Stone was found guilty but there are questions as to whether or not he actually committed the crime. The series bought together top investigators to reexamine the case and come to their own conclusions using devices that weren’t available in the 90s, including improved DNA tests.

Through their investigation the team found inconsistencies with the evidence that was collected. They didn’t find Michael Stone’s DNA on crucial evidence and the loss of certain evidence including a shoe lace used to tie up the victims meant that thorough DNA tests could not be undertaken.

Michael Stone was investigated because he was a known thief and knew the area due to his ‘hobby’. They believed it was a burglary gone wrong but the use of the hammer to kill the victims didn’t really match up to Michael Stone’s record.

This piece of evidence was easily connected to another man. Levi Bellfield. Levi knew the area and is a convicted serial killer. He also owned the type of car seen near the scene of the crime and had also used a hammer or blunt type object to kill his other victims. Of course this can’t be proved unless the case is reopened and a trial ensues but there is some evidence that points in his direction and this can’t be ruled out. He is currently in prison for his other crimes.

Of course it is all speculation and debate and nothing has been proven.


This is a very interesting case with a lot of different points that bring up questions. Of course this all began because Michael Stone said he didn’t do it as he was sentenced but of course people will say that if they don’t want to spend the rest of their lives in prison. The inclusion and look at Levi Bellfield is very interesting though and it makes you wonder how these people don’t get looked into in the original case. Especially when there are so many parts that don’t make sense.

I never heard of these murders before so watching the show was really interesting and of course I had to give it a Google afterwards too. It certainly opened up a lot of new doors and makes you question what really happened. Maybe we’ll never really know, it’s more than likely that we won’t ever know what really happened but that doesn’t mean we should leave the case to rest. These shows are very interesting in bringing new eyes to old cases that may not know of it (like me) and if they can make a difference then it’s a step in the right direction.

Who do you think did it?

Until next time.

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