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Dexter Season Three Review

So after a pretty disappointing season two this one definitely brought it back.

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In this series Dexter makes a friend in Miguel Prado after Dexter accidentally kills his brother in self defence. Dexter makes sure he kills the right man, and the suspect of the killing of Miguel’s brother, as he always does but Miguel wants to turn in his body to the police, something Dexter cannot do.

Dexter starts to open up to Miguel about what he does and even takes him on as a sidekick figure and lets him kill his own victim. But of course Miguel doesn’t follow Dexter’s code and begins to kill willy-nilly and dumping the bodies wrongly and taking things from the dead as trophies. Dexter realises the only way he can stop Miguel is to kill him too.

Alongside this there is a new killer in town known as The Skinner who uses tree cutting as a way to spy on his victims before kidnapping them and removing some of their skin, sometimes after killing them, sometimes before. Dexter takes a backseat in this and Deb actually pulls through (although I still can’t stand her).

And, alongside this (yes there’s more) it’s all the relationship drama! Dexter and Rita end up getting pregnant and hold a wedding quickly before she starts to show. This all works out but Dexter has to start deciding between normal life and the life he has hidden from everyone. But he also sees it as the perfect cover.


This season was actually quite fun to watch. The characters were interesting and the relationship drama definitely didn’t outshine the murders. It was interesting to see how characters changed and grew throughout the series and with a baby on the way having that little one included in future storylines will definitely add something new to the balance of things especially when Dexter could come and go as he pleased before but now he has to make sure his mini-him is ok too.

What did you think of season three of Dexter?

Until next time.


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