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Dexter Season 4 Review

Dexter really bought it back with this season!


Dexter is now a family man and a father to his little lad Harrison. He is also transitioning into his new life living with Rita and the kids and trying to keep his killer side a secret to them all.

But there’s a new serial killer in town known as the Trinity Killer.

This season was different because Dexter knew who the killer was early on and even befriended him to get to know more about him. The killer, Arthur Mitchell seems to have it all, his secret identity as well as a loving family but of course it is not as it seems. As Dexter spends more time with Arthur, under an alias of course, he soon realises that Arthur is incredibly controlling and not the Christian family man he portrays himself to be.

Dexter knows he must kill Arthur but has to find the perfect time, but he leaves it too late and this causes the murder of his wife and the fear that his son will become like him as he finds the boy in a pool of blood. Dexter worries history will repeat itself and his often vivid chats with his late father doesn’t help at all with his fears.

There’s a lot to this season and I really enjoyed it.


It finally found the balance between Dexter’s normal life and his killer life. Having him interact with the killer in-depth was an interesting little add on that we haven’t seen before and made watching the season more tense and dramatic. You’d think the family drama would dull the season but it didn’t at all and added more conflict for Dexter than it has in earlier seasons.

Although Dexter was dragging a bit, this season bought it back and has me excited for where it’ll go in season five.

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Until next time.

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