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PLL Endgame Review

Spoilers ahead.

It’s over it’s finally over! After 7 long years we never have to suffer through another reveal again.

And believe me we suffered.


So the last episode was a long one, but again it felt like nothing really happened. We were thrust into the future where Ali and Emily had their babies (twins obviously can’t be too subtle with foreshadowing you know?), Ezra and Aria are about to marry, Hanna and Caleb are trying for a baby while taking care of Mona and Spencer is….well not much has changed for Spencer.


Spencer is kidnapped by A.D who turns out to be Spencer’s twin sister (not like everyone and their mum’s already guessed that). A.D stands for Alex Drake who is from England but can’t speak an English accent at all (it was an absolute disgrace and honestly made watching the episode much harder). She was going after Spencer and the girls because she was jealous of the lives they got to have together and wanted that herself so she planned to kill Spencer and take her place.

Of course this doesn’t happen but we are subjected to that stupid ‘I’m the real Spencer’ ‘No I’m the real Spencer’ cliche crap that has been seen in literally every single TV show or movie that features an evil twin! Why? It’s ridiculous and so overdone and overplayed. You’ve had 7 years to come up with this so why make it so underwhelming?

Of course the girl’s win, yay! And Mona gets to lock Alex and Mary Drake up in a dolls house to terrorise them forever like they did her and her friends.

But wait….there’s more.

The show comes full circle when the proper bitchy girl Addison from the high school goes missing during a sleepover in a barn…just like Allison did! What?!! That’s crazy.

No it’s absolutely stupid and I can’t believe they even thought that ending would be a good ending.

I mean what were the writers thinking?

What was this show? I’m sorry but I’m going to go on a rant.


It’s ridiculous. All throughout the seven years in interviews and stories the cast and crew have always said oh you’ll be amazed at the ending, it’ll all make sense, you’ll be able to piece it together from episode 1.

Absolute bull!

These creators have lied to their fans for years. They’ve lied to the people who make sure they get paid every month, they lied to the ones who have spent hours upon hours watching all the twists and turns and changes in the show to only be let down by the introduction of a character we’ve never even met and have a very quick ending where nothing significant even happens.

The wedding was low rent and almost felt awkward. There was way too much couple stuff in there and we gained no big insight into Alex. Yes we got to know a bit but at least with Cece’s reveal we got to know the ins and outs even if we weren’t happy. There was an understanding of the character there while with Alex there wasn’t. She seemed to have been thrown together in season six and used as an easy escape. It would’ve almost been better if the girls were all in that snow globe Mona smashed at the start of the episode and it was all a dream.

I have never been so disappointed and disgusted at a show. If I ever see a new show to watch and think ‘oh that’ll be good’ and then see Marlene’s name on it I will not go near it because I know it’ll be a disappointing mess.

I can’t believe this was the ending, I can’t believe I wasted hundreds of hours watching this show and I am never going to rewatch it ever again. I am insanely disappointed and I hope Marlene feels bad from all the comments I’ve seen online. She was the creator of this world on screen and she could’ve done so much with it but instead let it burn out into a pile of dust and ash. It wasn’t a satisfying ending, it wasn’t even a good ending for such a whirlwind series. It was flat, boring and I hope they never make anything Pretty Little Liars related show again.

What did you think of the finale?

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Until next time.


  1. I was majorly underwhelmed as well. I feel like both Cece and Alex never really made sense. I would have much preferred it if there was just one A the whole time, not swapping between it all. Now that I think of all of the episodes nothing really makes sense to me anymore, I think Marlene got a bit carried away or maybe I just need to re-watch it without the long breaks between series.

    Alex sounded like the bloody Artful Dodger, nobody finds out Wrens the dad and he’s now a diamond, the ending was so obvious and just seemed like an easy route out and a random horse and blind Jenna found out who A was in seconds and its took us 7 years!!!

    Need to calm down now I’ve been winding myself up about it since I watched it haha x


    • The bloody artful dodger. I love that! I love your reaction it was basically mine when I first watched it. I’m glad you agree it was sub par but I won’t be rewatching haha


  2. I was planning on writing something on this, but you have already hit the nail on the head!
    Probably the most frustrating TV show I’ve ever stuck with till the end. I spent the second half of the final episode crying with laughter at AD’s accent.
    Sad end to a show that showed plenty of promise in the first few seasons.


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