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Doctor Who Series 10 Review

Doctor Who has always been a show I’ve watched. It’s kind of a tradition for me, but, last series fell flat. I was unsure whether I should continue watching, but, alas I did. And now here’s my review of a new series, a new companion but some old faces.


The Pilot

The Pilot (I guess a funny take on Pilot Episode as well as its proper meaning) was like the Doctor Who I grew up with. It was scary, funny and introduced the new companion, Bill, incredibly well without jamming her down our throats. Including Bristol was pretty awesome for me as that is near where I’m from but it’s also a place that is well known in England. The ending was a bit meh though, the ending where she had to say goodbye to her friend didn’t do anything for me and the scares that were awesome nearer the beginning of the episode fell flat for me later on. It had potential, but lost it nearer the end.


I really enjoyed this episode. The robots were adorable and there was enough storyline within it for me not to get bored. The story with the fertiliser was clever and the inclusion of up to date references is really going to help the show with a new and younger audience. It also didn’t feel forced which I thought was a huge bonus. Bill seems to be fitting well into her role too and her chemistry and relationship with the Doctor is very well performed.

Thin Ice

This episode was a bit slap-stick and wasn’t as good as the others. There wasn’t really a proper monster that we’ve come to expect and the story dragged in places. Bill learning more about the Doctor and his past though was what made the episode special, especially seeing their character growth. I wasn’t huge on this episode and I don’t really think it added anything to the overhanging storyline.

Knock Knock

I saw images of this episode online and thought it looked spooky but in the end I was a bit disappointed. It was a haunted house story which I loved but there didn’t seem to be a lot of scares or plot line. The ending was awful! The fact the ‘bad guys’ just died was incredibly anti-climactic and the fact they tried to incorporate a twist which was kind of easy to work out was very disappointing. But what really gets me, was the fact that everyone lived. No, let people die. Let bad things happen. Don’t try to have a happy ending when a happy ending is definitely not what the story is asking for. People die, get over it, don’t bring them back. This episode did start up the overhanging storyline of the vault though and who could be hidden within. This was the most exciting part of the whole episode.


This episode could’ve been so good but it fell flat. Zombies in space and a limited air supply? Could’ve been full of so much suspense and really keep the audience on edge but it didn’t. There was a lot of dialogue and a lot of quick fixes. It also felt like a really short episode where nothing really happened. It had so much potential and it was such a shame they didn’t give the idea justice.


So this is the episode where Missy comes back. Not going to lie though, it felt pretty anti-climactic. The monsters in this episode were pretty scary but the fact their voices and mouth didn’t match up annoyed me considerably. The Doctor is blind, yes that adds an interesting element to the whole thing but it’s still a bit meh. This series has been very meh for me so far. Oh, and did I say, this was part one of three? (yes three!).

The Pyramid at the End of the World

Part two of three. Again this episode felt like filler more than anything. It was pretty boring and there was a lot of talking that took up most of the episode. Nothing really happened apart from the changing of world history at the end which of course had to be pushed into the next episode. Got to pad that run time!

The Lie of the Land

This one was probably my favourite out of the three. It was still a bit underwhelming but the premise was good with the Monks taking over the world and acting like overlords. Bill of course knows the truth and she finds a way to stop the Monks almost killing herself in the process. She uses the love for her mum to override the Monks’ power and they crumble. I felt like there could have been more to this episode but instead it was full of one liners and pretty boring content.

The Empress of Mars

Ok, I knew a lot of people who were looking forward to this episode because the Ice Warriors were back. I’ve never seen the Ice Warriors before but they did seem pretty cool until they were used as sidekicks for the Victorian army’s conquest of Mars. When they turned evil I found that fun and turning the people into cubes was really scary but again the ending let the episode down. It felt rushed and underwhelming. I wish, I wish they’d just make good episodes of Doctor Who again. And, now we know that Missy is the one in the vault that whole mystery is over and that was very anticlimactic too. Give me some twists and turns BBC!

The Eaters of Light

This episode was quite nice. Up in the highlands of Scotland, working with a bunch of Roman soldiers and bringing together two groups who would otherwise hate each other. It had the funny little twist with the crow and it was an enjoyable watch even if the monster looked awful. Not saying it was a bad design. Just bad CGI. It was something new and different and I would love more episodes likes this in the future.

World Enough and Time

This was the second best episode of the whole series (the last episode being the best), this episode was something completely different and was pretty terrifying. The use of the original Cybermen and seeing their origin story as well as the inclusion of the Master made this a brilliant episode. Seeing the Doctor, Missy and the Master together in one space is so exciting and knowing that Bill is a Cyberman and the question of what will happen to her keeps you on the edge of your seat and wishing the week away so you can watch the next episode already!

The Doctor Falls

This was by far the best episode of the series! Throughout this series we have all known that Peter Capaldi is supposedly leaving and the new Doctor will obviously get revealed soon. Having him tease us with the regeneration in this episode however and not have him follow through with it was so exciting as well as frustrating. But all is forgiven when the first Doctor comes back at the end! Bill’s death was incredibly sweet and tied the series together well and the idea that the Master killed himself just to stop him ever working with the Doctor was an incredible moment. I loved this episode and I can’t wait to see what happens at Christmas!


Overall I felt this series was lacking something for the most part but the ending made up for all the silly moments. The vault could’ve been more intriguing and some of the episodes could’ve been resolved better but, looking back, it was a fun series and did have some interesting new characters and villains. I look forward to where they go next and who will replace Peter Capaldi if he really does leave. Talking with others, some believe it may be a woman because of the little hints at ‘will the future be all women?’ ‘hopefully’ lines.

Whatever happens I’m sure I’ll watch it and definitely have an opinion on it!

What did you think of this series?

Until next time.


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