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Dexter Season 5 Review

Another week, another Dexter review.

This season seemed to pass really quickly and not much seemed to really happen. It was good, don’t get me wrong, just different to the other seasons so far.


At the end of the last season Dexter finds his wife murdered in a bath tub. The police first suspect him of killing her but soon let him off. Dexter hires a nanny, who plays Mrs S in Orphan Black, to take care of Harrison while he’s off killing and stuff. This is where he meets the ‘barrel girls’ killers who kill their victims by placing them in a barrel and electrocuting them. He finds a place where they keep the girls and finds one still alive, Lumen. He saves her and they start working together to go after the men that raped and tortured her.

That’s basically the main storyline here, simple and straight to the point. Alongside this Deb is obviously off with some guy and someone is stalking Dexter trying to find out what his dark secret is but yeah.


I liked this season. It was simple and straight to the point with some very interesting characters. It was an easy watch and kept you interested as the episodes passed by. Lumen, who is played by the girl from 10 Things I Hate About You, is an intriguing character even if her end is a bit underwhelming.

In the end, Lumen has killed all the men that harmed her and so feels her ‘dark passenger’ has left. She feels she no longer needs Dexter, even though it seemed they had more of a connection than just the killings, and she just hops up and leaves. It was a surprising end for her but maybe it means she’ll come back one day, maybe not.

This was a good season, a fun season to watch and easy to understand and follow too. I am getting sick of seeing Harry everywhere though, especially as he doesn’t seem to add a lot and really hinders Dexter in his full potential.

What did you think of Dexter season five?

Until next time.

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