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Is Blue Peter Passed its Prime?

Blue Peter used to be a staple of my childhood. Running home from school to catch the newest episode alongside Mona the Vampire and Tracy Beaker. But overtime, things changed, Blue Peter seemed to lose its sparkle and excitement that we nineties babies loved so much.


I read recently that Blue Peter earns 0 views on a repeat of a recent episode. This is a TV show that used to get millions of views a week! So what happened? Is it the shows fault or the kids that are wrong?

I watched the episode, of course I did, I’m that sort of person and to be honest it was very awkward. The presenters had no chemistry, the topics within the show were drawn out and a bit boring and it was very lacklustre. It had no personality to it. Just some young presenters with no experience under their belts other than random TV presenting modules they did at university trying to be funny and ending up talking over each other in the process.

Have you ever seen the shows on Made in Bristol/Made in Cardiff etc? Where they take newly graduated kids and shove them into a cheap show where they talk nonsense for ten minutes that no one cares about? This is Blue Peter. Blue Peter has become this and it’s a shame.

Blue Peter used to have so much life to it with the pets that were shown and the times we begged our mums to make the Thunderbirds toy out of paper-mache and toilet roll tubes.  The presenters all seemed to get on and that made it more enjoyable to watch and the fact there was a Blue Peter badge that you could use to get into theme parks and fun days out made watching and interacting with the show even better.

I always wanted one of those badges…

But these days, do kids even watch TV? Yes your two year old might but that’s because you’ve plonked them in front of a screen and they’re too distracted to toddle off.


Kids these days care about iPhones and iPads, video games and YouTubers. The Internet, in my opinion, is causing the death of the TV. I’m even guilty of watching shows on catch up in my own time rather than sit in front of a TV and groan through every advert of products I am never going to buy.

Kids shows, especially for the 6+ age group don’t seem to have the same effect they used to. The likes of Pewdiepie and Zoella who give us a new, almost raw and unedited view on the world around us are on a different level to those over the top TV series’ of yesteryear that would try to reel you in with cheap competitions and information that you just don’t care about. This Blue Peter episode had a part focused entirely on scooters and a championship in Liverpool. Would 8 year old me have cared? No, not at all, but Zoella and Tanya Burr who are showing off makeup and clothes and pretty things? That’s much more up 8 year old Shona’s alley.

The issue with the new generation is there is too much choice. It’s like when you were told you could have only one chocolate bar at the shop, do you go Crunchie or Wispa? Oh but that Milkyway is looking pretty good too….

There’s a lot of choice. And in some ways the Internet is pulling more kids because they can watch it whenever. whereas with their TV shows you either watch it as it happens or you find it on iPlayer, which you now need to sign up for and everything else.

As kids, are you going to download the YouTube app or the iPlayer app? An app full of every type of content you could ever want to watch, and with age restrictions set in too so the adults don’t worry. Or iPlayer, where you only get BBC and have to deal with that god awful buffering.

Times are changing and the Internet is taking over. What can Blue Peter and these other shows do to compete? It’s hard because you have to know what kids want and what they’re into. Get more interesting guests. Throw better competitions and make yourself more accessible. Why would anyone waste their time waiting for the buffering to end when they could watch a quick Minecraft video in the same time?

Times are changing, and it’s time for TV channels to catch up.

Oh and BBC, please bring BBC 3 back onto TV please!

Until next time.


  1. Mona the vampire was my absolute favourite😍 Tbh I’d probably still watch it now. I heard this about Blue Peter and if I’m honest I could see it coming. Kids these days just aren’t interested, they’re growing up too fast and missing the best parts of childhood. I really think it’s social media and technology that are changing them 😂

    Love, Lauren x


    • Social media and the internet is definitely the problem! Too busy with their iPads! Kids need to become kids again it’s a shame they’re missing out on what could be the best time of their lives!


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