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Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Review 

I wanted to watch this movie for so long and then I found it on Netflix. I was so excited to watch it and honestly, I was not disappointed.


Now I could never get into the Pride and Prejudice thing so this adding the extra twist of zombies into it made it look a lot more appealing. Of course the movie is set in the Pride and Prejudice era and follows a lot of the same story as I can tell from Wikipedia but the zombies are something completely new and different. These zombies aren’t like normal brain eating undead people however, some have the ability to live off animal brains and blood making them stay very human like, besides the grotesque appearance. This adds a new dynamic where certain characters believe the humans should live alongside the zombies while others believe that this will cause a downfall for humanity and bring upon the apocalypse.

What I loved about this movie is that the female characters are so strong. This is a real girl power movie with a lot of feminism thrown in. Instead of the men saving the women it’s the women who do the fighting and on more than one occasion save the men. Some of the male characters are also incredibly awful wet blankets and weak compared to the women. But don’t worry lads, it’s still a great movie for you too because the women are stunningly beautiful and there are a lot of comedic moments.

Sam Riley;Douglas Booth

Matt Smith’s character stood out the most for me just because he is so clueless and definitely a bit of comic relief. This is a great movie to just sit back and enjoy and not have to delve too deep into. It’s fun and introduces the idea of Pride and Prejudice (the original) and makes it more interesting to go and research and either read or watch.

When this movie first came about it sounded like a huge joke but then the trailer dropped and it actually looked credible. Now that I’ve watched the movie I can say proudly that I thoroughly enjoyed it and would happily watch it again.

What did you think of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies?

Until next time.


  1. Oh my god I LOVED this film! I read the book years ago and was so excited when I saw it was on Netflix!
    I loved how strong the sisters were, I’m sure they were insanely wimpy in the original so it was nice to see them this way!
    I need to reread the book and then rewatch the film, you’ve sparked my love for it again.
    Saph xx


    • I’m glad I’ve caused that spark! I haven’t read the book but was always interested in the movie. The original book sent me to sleep! I’m so proud of all the girl power featured in this one it is definitely a great watch


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