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Dexter Season Six Review

Well this season bought in a lot of new twists and turns didn’t it?


Season six focused on the Doomsday Killers. Two men, Dr James Gellar and Travis Marshall who are heading towards the end of the world and following God’s orders by killing ‘whores’. Dexter, as well as helping his work colleagues with the case, is also tracking down the two killers himself….as he does.

Throughout the season a lot of biblical references are made, like a girl being strung up to represent an angel, a plague of locusts and a painting done by Travis depicting Dexter as the devil. This season also delves into Dexter’s personal life with his son and new nanny, and his sister’s growing romantic obsession for him. It’s ok if they’re not actually related right?

But this season came with something new. A twist. And this twist was amazing. It makes me want to go back and rewatch the season again which is something I very rarely do.

This twist was that Dr Gellar was dead the whole time! While it seemed to Dexter and the audience that Gellar was making Travis do all these awful things really it was Travis who was the true evil one.

In the finale Travis tries to use Dexter’s son as an innocent sacrifice to God before the apocalypse that is set to happen during an eclipse. Dexter stops Travis and saves his son before taking Travis to a church to kill him the best way he knows how. This is interrupted however when Deb, his sister, accidentally walks in….

The end.


Not often do Dexter seasons end on a cliffhanger but this one was crazy! Yes things will continue on like his son or his late wife from season to season but to have something so big happen is mad and makes you want to continue on to season seven straight away!

I found the first half of this season to be a bit boring but as it went on and we learnt more and more about the killers and their twisted ways it became a lot more exciting. The inclusion of the twist was something I never saw coming and really added a lot to the story. It threw in something new and kept the show feeling fresh.

I loved this season and I’m excited to see what happens next with Deb. Especially as there are only a couple of seasons left it’ll be interesting to see where the show goes and how it is all wrapped up.

What did you think of Dexter season six?

Until next time.

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