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Fish Story Review

It’s weird what you find when you spend most of your day on the internet isn’t it?


Fish Story is a short film created by the Guardian, the newspaper, that tells the story of a ‘Sea Zoo’ being opened in Anglesey. One of the main men in the film Caspar is telling us a story of when his grandmother got to visit the sea zoo when it was opened thanks to a very special reason.

Her last name was salmon.

Yes, this sea zoo invited people exclusively with fish or fishy surnames to come and see the opening of this attraction opened by the one and only Michael Fish.

But that’s not all.

Alongside this they were also given the fish that their name was connected to as a gift to take home. So of course, Caspar’s grandmother was given a salmon.

The whole point of the short film documentary is to find out whether this actually happened or it was some elaborate joke. The filmmaker trying to find answers even trolls through the phone book trying to find anyone with fishy names who may have been there. Even going to the length of emailing Michael Fish to see if he remembers it.


It’s a simple little film that is very charming and has a lot of personality. It’s a funny story stemming from the actual opening to the filmmaker’s journey in trying to find answers. There’s a few fish puns thrown in and a lot of random telephone conversations that you know must’ve made the person on the other end’s day when they received the call.

If you have a spare 15 minutes I’d recommend you have a watch because it will brighten your day a little bit and give you something interesting to talk about with your friends. It’s weird, and whacky, and something you would have never heard of otherwise and I think sometimes those are the best stories to listen to and spread around.

What do you think of this fishy tale? Were you kraken up?

Until next time.

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