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Cabin Fever Review (2016)

A while ago I reviewed the original Cabin Fever so, of course, I had to watch the remake and see how it compared. What I don’t get is why would you remake a movie that was only originally released 15 years ago? Surely that’s too soon?


Like the original movie, this one follows five young adults going on a trip together to a remote cabin. Cue a load of stereotypical southerners and a creepy kid. Over time the group find that there is something wrong as they begin to develop sores on their skin that spread and end up practically killing them. This is where the gruesome side of the movie came in, and boy did it get gruesome! They try to find help but the locals are worried it’ll spread to them so believe the best course of action is to kill them. They do this to one lad who gets shot with a shotgun, one girl is burnt alive (at her request) in a shed, another girl is eaten by a dog and one of the lads is shot by the sheriff. The last lad survives and ends the movie sat by a tree with the creepy kid from the beginning peering over his shoulder. Was this a planned attack on these kids or did they just stumble into the wrong area?

The reason they develop these skin diseases is because they are drinking contaminated water from a reservoir. So it seems it was merely an accident, but if it was, why did the kid bite them at random moments in the movie? And why was no one else in the town infected? Excluding the guy we saw at the beginning, obviously.


Like I said earlier about the gore, that’s really all this movie had going for it. The story was very simple and wasn’t that scary so the gore was really all they had to work with and amp up to 100% to really creep out the audience. There were a few jump scares here and there but overall the story was a bit boring especially as the characters didn’t show much depth. If we got to know more about them and become invested in who they were their deaths may have been more meaningful. Instead we just saw a bunch of people die in a horrific way but with no real care.

I wouldn’t watch this movie again unless it was the only thing me and my friends could think of watching. I was pretty bored during 80% of the run time and the other 20% was spent covering my eyes because the gore became too much.

I don’t get why they remade this movie as it was basically the same as the original so added nothing. I’d probably watch the original over this one because it is the original and was a new concept, not something that was remade just for a quick buck.

There are millions of horror movies out there, and even though it’s a good concept, the actual movie isn’t that good.

What did you think of Cabin Fever?

Until next time.

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