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War for the Planet of the Apes Review

Spoiler free!

It’s the end of the trilogy….but was it good?


This movie takes place two years after Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and Caesar is once again, like in that movie, just trying to live with his people. But of course nothing is ever that simple and the humans are back once again to try and eradicate the monkeys. The monkeys are trying to move to a new area where they can live stress free away from the humans but problems occur and some of the most heartwarming and saddest scenes of the whole franchise happen. I won’t lie, I teared up quite a few times throughout this movie.

It’s a war movie that includes a colonel, a sick child, a comic relief character and some of the most riveting acting I have ever watched. To know it’s done by CGI and so much emotion can be captured is astounding.

This movie, this trilogy may be my favourite trilogy of all time because it is so well done and well thought through. From the subtle hints to the original movies in the first one, to the tense action in the second and now the heart rendering beautiful moments in this one it all comes together so well.


It’s hard not to give anything away because you just want to go on and on about the movie but all I can say for definite is go watch it! If you’ve seen the others you need to see this film!

And if you haven’t….watch the others then go see this film!

The acting is impeccable, the CGI is stunning and the landscapes are breathtaking. Each of the characters holds their own and bring something to the story and really make you connect with them and care for them. Even the comic relief character, who are thought would be completely out of place, meshes so well with the others and doesn’t make the action cheesy or weird.

It ended in the way I expected it to, which was ok, it was a good ending in my eyes and tied everything together nicely. I kind of don’t want it to end though. I want to follow these monkeys around and see what happens next.

But then we kind of know that don’t we from the original movie.

This is one film not to be missed even if you’re not into action/war films which I am not. It brings something new to the table and I hope the producers and directors and everyone who worked on these films is proud of what they have made because it is a beautiful piece of film and one that I can imagine will go down in the ages.

Let’s just hope that what happened in the films doesn’t actually happen.

What did you think of War for the Planet of the Apes?

Until next time.


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