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Blair Witch (2016) Review

Watch my Blair Witch trailer review here!

Did this need to be made? No. Did it add anything to the story? Yes.

More questions.


Blair Witch (the remake) follows Heather’s (a girl who went missing in the original) brother James who thinks he has found a short clip online of his sister in the house she disappeared in. With the help of his friends Lisa, Ashley and Peter they head into the Blair woods to try and find the house basically the same way the original trio did. To help them a couple, Lane and Taila come along too, they claimed they were the ones who found the footage uploaded online.

When they venture out weird things begin to happen to the group…like in the first movie. Firstly, wooden dolls are seen hanging from the trees but later Taila and Lane admit they planted these to add some substance to the footage – they’re basically vloggers *eye roll*. This causes them being banished from the group. Ashley cuts herself on a rock in the river and that foot starts moving and cracking as if something is inside of it. Then there’s the rock piles…like in the first movie.

But then things start getting weird. People get killed off sure but that’s not what I’m talking about. When Taila and Lane get banished they run into the group again and tell them they have been wandering for five days in complete darkness (as in the sun never came up) while James’ group it has just been half a day. At the end too Lane is shown to have grown a full beard and appears older and crazy showing that time has passed faster for him.

Then that shot is shown. The footage uploaded online isn’t actually Heather as, near the end, Lisa walks past a mirror and films the footage shown. Basically meaning that when James sees the footage it technically hasn’t been filmed yet. So the whole reason they go to the woods is because they technically had already gone. It’s a weird paradox I know but google tried to explain:

Basically the witch can control the forest in some way. So when the characters hear creaking in the woods it is actually the woods moving, this is shown with the drone shots where they could see a road one day and then it was gone the next. She can also manipulate time, shown with the couple going through a lot more days than the group and there being a flash of light during the climax scene, as if the day is passing by in a matter of seconds.

To be honest this all seems crazy and quite hard to comprehend especially as there was no indication of this in the first movie. It seemed like the writers/directors knew the story would be the same so they tried to include a supernatural element into the film because supernatural is so in at the moment *another eye roll*.


The witch, which we got to see completely was terrifying and I was covering my eyes during the climax because things did get scary but mainly only due to the jump scares. There were a lot of jump scares in this movie and those were the scariest parts, otherwise it felt like you were watching a bunch of kids doing Duke of Edinburgh (if you don’t know what that is, google it).

I don’t know whether I’d recommend this movie because it is a bit underwhelming (until the ending) and too similar to the original. Maybe just give all your found footage movies to the charity shop and try something new. I definitely think that’s what the creators need to do.

What did you think of Blair Witch?

Until next time.


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