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First Look: Tim Burton’s Dumbo

How do you remember Dumbo? I remember Dumbo as an adorable little elephant with huge ears and a mouse sidekick. It’s a fun little movie with cute songs (apart from the moment with the pink elephants (absolutely terrifying)). But then Disney came out with the news that they were remaking the movie, because what aren’t they remaking these days am I right?

*pause for laughter*

Anyway, they are remaking Dumbo and have enlisted Tim Burton to direct it. That makes sense. Tim Burton is crazy so I think a Dumbo under his name could be fun and mad and maybe even a little scary at times. And then this image was released:


What is that?

What is that?

That is the stuff of nightmares. I have never seen a creepier site. Yes, some people said it was the lighting and the way it’s in a dark room but no that is not the only factor.

Look at that face.

You would not want to see that face staring at you from your bedroom window at night, even if you’re on the second floor, yes that’s possible, he can fly.

Maybe when it moves and stuff in the movie it might not be that bad but how good can it actually look? That thing’s got to talk you know, and interact with other characters, and fly! How’s it going to do all that without looking, in all honesty, cheap. This looks like it should be playing a sideline character not a main character, but I guess that’s what happens when you want to make a live action movie and not use CGI.

I may be worried for this movie the most out of all of them because that looks terrifying. And there are a few things that will be a bit awkward to remake, like the racist crows, are they going to be cut altogether? Whatever happens, I think we could’ve left the original as it was.

Are you excited for a new Dumbo?

Until next time.

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