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The Snowman Trailer Review

When I first heard of this movie I thought it’d be a bit jokey and fun, boy was I wrong.


The Snowman is the next instalment in the ‘seasonal/holiday killers’, think The Leprechaun and Krampus. That’s one point I found weird, a winter based movie released in October? Maybe they want to hit Halloween but surely this movie would be better coming out November/December time just in time for Christmas and when there could be possible snow on the ground.

But I digress. The Snowman stars Michael Fassbender who is trying to find out who the Snowman killer is. The killer uses snowmen as their mark and decapitate their victims and using their heads to make snowmen. Creepy. Do you think he has a snowman fetish? This movie seems to be quite realistic but drops into the surreal at times and more than likely will have a twist.

I am excited for this movie because it is something different. I’ve missed a good thriller recently so I hope this one will be good and from what I’ve seen so far I believe it has potential. The acting seems good, the storyline is interesting enough to not get bored of and, as long as they keep the killer under wraps and don’t sneakily add them into the trailer (in a too obvious way) I think it’ll be fun to work out who the killer is.


I believe, like a lot of people online I have seen, that the killer is connected to Fassbender in some way or is him himself. Especially with the note left by the killer ‘I’m doing it for you mr policeman’ and the line ‘he’s killing people he doesn’t approve of’ it could be a split personality that comes from childhood trauma or a relative taking revenge on women who did wrong to Fassbender or remind him of his mother. I like the mother theory.

Whatever happens, I’ll be interested to see this movie and find out who the real killer is and whether it’ll hold up as a good thriller.

What do you think of the trailer?

Until next time.

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