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Jigsaw Trailer Review

So now Paranormal Activity has burned out Saw’s trying to make a comeback? I see what you’re doing there Saw….


The gore porn movie franchise is back! Am I excited? Eh…I am to be honest. Will I go see it at the cinema? Hell no! I can’t deal with all that gore and screaming on the big screen, I’ll stick to watching it on Netflix in the safety of my own home and a blanket to cover my eyes.

This one is definitely sticking true to what the Saw series is. It has elements of crime, gore and little hints of possible comedy. It reminds me a lot of Saw 5 especially with the five people stuck in collars in a random building being pulled towards a wall of saws (get it, the series is called Saw!). And again later on when they have to work together without really knowing what they’re doing and seeing the Jigsaw doll…which has grown its hair out it seems.

But there seems to be more to it with people on the outside world getting terrorised too. So many storylines to follow in this movie! The main question at the moment is: is John Kramer back? Or is it some random person (or an old character) recreating the Saw traps and game many years since the last one? Whatever it is I think it’ll be interesting.


One thing I know for sure is this movie will probably be in 3D thanks to the way the CGI and graphics looked in the trailer. It did look a bit fake and a bit odd to be honest, especially the scene in the silo. Why? They’re covered in grains then have random weapons thrown on their heads, I can imagine letting out a chuckle in that scene.

This movie is out at the end of October, just in time for Halloween. Now this seems like the right time for a Saw movie and will definitely pull in a lot of people who are looking for scary date nights. But you can see how far the franchise has come from the original. From two men being trapped in a small bathroom to explosions, graphic images and crazy storylines clearly the franchise is popular and worth a lot of money. Still won’t go on the Saw rollercoaster though (did once and I’ve had nightmares about it ever since.)

What do you think of the Jigsaw trailer?

Until next time.

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