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The Shape of Water Trailer Review

The Shape of Water is a movie created by Guillermo del Toro a brilliant director that is famous for his incredibly imaginative settings, storylines, and characters. This one is no exception.


This trailer shows the story of Elisa a mute woman who works at a government laboratory as a cleaner. Because Elisa is mute she is often left in a world of her own stuck not able to communicate with others other than using sign language. Elisa finds a new monster within the facility and they start a friendship that seems to form into a romance. She teaches it sign language using eggs and even shares an egg with the monster. We know she falls in love as there is a moment shown where she is kissing the monster underwater, although this could be a dream sequence. The scientists at the lab want to experiment on the monster and abuse it which of course causes Eliza to become angry and things seem to take a turn. It’s an interesting concept, if a bit creepy, but I think for the visuals and music it’ll be worth a watch.


People online commented on the name ‘Shape of Water’ meaning that there isn’t a shape to water and the same can be said for love. Love comes in all shapes and it’s still as special. It is a bit weird she’s fallen in love with a monster fish/human creature though.

Another comment I saw a lot was that people thought the trailer gave away the whole story. But I don’t think that’s what’s important here. Instead it’s the visuals of the movie, the music, the growth in the characters. I believe there are a lot of layers to this movie so even if the trailer does give away a lot there is still a lot more to be explored in watching the full movie.

I think this could be a good movie. A bit weird, yes, but still enjoyable. Toro’s work has always been magnificent and exciting and I don’t doubt this one will be any different. I think it’ll be a great movie to watch and will also have you come away with some new ideas and new feelings on a few things too.

What do you think of the trailer?

Until next time.

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