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Love Island 2017 Review

How can a show, that is on 6 nights a week, for 8 weeks, for an hour be so addictive? How did I even get through all those moments?


Love Island is a reality TV show on ITV that puts ‘single’ (I put single in quotes because *ahem* Chloe *ahem*) people in a villa and pairs them off. Over time people get dumped when no one wants them (I’d still have you Harley) and new people come in and cause drama. In the end the winning couple has the chance of winning £50,000 and the possibility of coming out with the love of their life.

This series was the first series I watched and I enjoyed it immensely. From the outset there was so many things going on and so much drama it really got you addicted and made you want to watch it every night (Saturdays were the worst!).

Some of the best moments were Chris comparing himself to a polar bear, Liv’s ‘I’m not being confrontational’ outburst, Sam’s just absolute idiocy and Camilla and Jamie getting together and him making her avocado on toast and their little La La Land dance. It made my heart melt. Can you tell who was my favourite?

As you watched the series you got to know the people more and more and some you hated at the beginning *ahem* Kem and Amber *ahem* you start to love towards the end. Especially Kem’s hair when he was playing volleyball. I died.

But let’s not forget the crossroad king himself Marcel. I loved Blazin’ Squad when I was 8 so watching him and seeing how much of a gentleman he is was really something. Camilla’s task to get him to say Blazin’ Squad 5 times in one conversation was hilarious to watch too.

What was your favourite moment from Love Island?

But anyway, the thing everyone has been waiting for: the winners! And they are:



Kem and Amber!

Love Island

Like I said, I didn’t like Kem and Amber at the beginning but as they grew together I think they’re one of the most genuine couples in there. The cherry on top for me was Kem learning Welsh phrases to speak to Amber’s dad, if a guy is willing to go that far for you, he’s a keeper.

But then the money came into it, but what did they choose? He chose to share because they are a match made in heaven!

Are you happy with who won? Who was your favourite?

Until next time.


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