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Spiderman Homecoming Review

First there was Toby Maguire, then there was Andrew Garfield. Now there’s Tom Holland, but who was the best Spiderman?


This movie was a lot of fun. The inclusion of Iron Man meant it had something extra that the other movies didn’t and it didn’t start off at the beginning of his story like the other movies, instead it dropped you in after Civil War and lets you see where he goes from there. The fact that the actor looks very young and he is playing a 15 year old really helps make the whole thing seem more believable too.

It’s ok to perv on a 15 year old character if he’s played by a 21 year old right?

The ‘bad guy’ in this movie is Vulture, a man who worked in clearing up the mess left behind after the big fights but loses his job and becomes unemployed. He then uses his knowledge of the alien parts to fuse them with our own pieces of scrap to create new weapons to then sell to criminals. This is how he builds his flying suit.

This movie is all about building Spiderman up as a character and showing him off to the audience. He goes through trials alongside Iron Man and shows that he is just a kid who still goes to school and does this alongside all of that. It’s quite sweet really, and is definitely a character I can imagine a lot of younger kids will love.


The one character I am unsure of is MJ, who we knew as Mary-Jane. We are introduced to Zendaya’s character Michelle who seems like any other character until she reveals her nickname MJ at the end of the movie. Will she be spidey’s next love interest? Michelle is a big eco-warrior who cares about equality and the environment, a world away from the characters we’ve seen portray MJ before. I’m not too sure on this decision as of yet but it could just be a quick reference dropped in that never goes anywhere.

I am excited to see where he goes as a character especially with his new suit that has a million different mechanics within it. It’ll be interesting to see him grow and become even more part of the Avengers. It was a good start with Tony Stark, let’s hope it continues to be good as more characters are introduced alongside him.

Oh and look out for Captain America’s little joke at the end. It’s quite funny as well as frustrating, he may be one of my favourite characters from this movie just because his parts are so bad!

But then again, Ned, Peter’s best friend may have stole the show. Who was your favourite?

What did you think of Spiderman Homecoming?

Until next time.

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