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Stranger Things Season 2 Trailer Review

Stranger Things season one was amazing and I am very excited for season two! This trailer was called the ‘Thriller’ trailer because it used Michael Jackson’s Thriller music in the background. I thought it meant thriller as in the genre but this was much better.


Will, the kid who was taken to the Upside Down in the first season is still having nightmares, flashbacks to the Upside Down but this now involves a huge terrifying monster that looms over the town. Eleven also ends up in the Upside Down probably because she also has psychic connections to the place.

And those were the main points of the trailer. It was the length of a normal trailer but this is what I pulled from it, the rest is more little snippets of what is to come and they are mainly used to get you interested.

And I am! I so am! I can’t wait for Halloween and for this season to come out especially as it looks bigger and better than the original (if that is even possible!). I’ve missed the characters’ little faces on my screen and their Ghostbusters outfits make me want to die out of sheer cuteness!


I love this series if you can’t already tell and I am so excited to see where it goes in the future. I feel like as long as they don’t run out of ideas this series could go on for a number of seasons as the children grow and the characters change. I especially want to know more about where 11 came from and the other test subjects there.

I’ll be honest, from all the Comic Con trailers, this was the only one to give me goosebumps.

Are you excited for Stranger Things season 2?

Until next time.

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