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Bright Trailer Review

Bright is a Netflix Film that stars Will Smith in an alternate reality where mystical creatures live alongside humans. Will Smith is a cop that has to work alongside some of these creatures in his work. There’s bits of action in there, bits of comedy and a lot of interesting doors being opened including a weapon that grants wishes and a possible prophecy.


Yet, I am not interested in this movie and for one reason:

The director of this also directed Suicide Squad and we all know what a shambles that was.

This movie is clearly about racism and equality and uses the mystical creatures to portray racism and classism in our own world. It has a good premise and a very good actor in Will Smith I just worry that those parts won’t be able to save this movie if the story and direction is a bit sub par.


If it was any other director I may give it more excitement and research but that fact alone, and the way they wanted to show off that fact in the trailer, worried me. For all I know it could be incredibly exciting with a lot of great moments but until I’ve watched it I won’t believe it.

That director has tainted their name forever more with me because of Suicide Squad and it’ll take some really good movies to make me want to enjoy them again.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Are you excited for Bright?

Until next time.

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