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Death Note Clip Review

So I’ve never been into graphic novels but I always liked the idea of Death Note. It seemed incredibly fun and clever so of course I had to watch the clip from the upcoming film.


This clip throws you right into it when a young boy is offered the Death Note book by the scary demon looking creature (I’ve never seen or read any Death Note so don’t judge me). He sees a guy bullying a young girl and the demon tells him he can rid the world of the boy if he just writes his name down in the book, he can also choose how the boy dies if he wishes. The boy does and subsequently the bully dies. Slowly the boy seems to use the book more and more and is taken over with power. It looks really good and is definitely something I would want to watch. I am definitely more a moving picture person than a reading comic book person.


This film looks funny, gory and very intriguing. The idea of the Death Note book is something I can imagine a lot of people would love to get their hands on and use for their own selfish gain. I know I would as bad as that sounds.

From an outsider’s angle this looks like something a lot of people can enjoy and I’d love to know how the story goes and how it ends. I’d love to see more of the creature too as he seems terrifying.

Are you excited for the Death Note movie?

Until next time.

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