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My Friend Dahmer Trailer Review

Ooooo I am so excited for this one!


Jeffrey Dahmer was a famous serial killer active from the 70s to the 90s mainly praying on young men and boys. He mainly killed them through blunt force trauma and then cut up the body to dispose of it. He was finally caught when one of his murders in the 90s didn’t go through and the man he tried to kill managed to escape. He was sentenced to life imprisonment (not death row which I found surprising) and was killed in jail by his fellow inmates. This man was one messed up individual and that’s why I think a film on him would be so interesting to watch. It’s great to delve into people’s minds and find out just how evil people can be especially when your life is so mundane and ‘normal’.

But this film doesn’t focus on the murders, it focuses on the beginning, his teenage years full of bullying, drinking and family issues. It shows what caused Dahmer to become the man he became and gives some insight into who he was before. A boy obsessed with bones and storing body parts in jars.


This story isn’t straight from Dahmer though, it is based off a graphic novel so its facts could be exaggerated, or certain parts may have been added in for entertainment value, so I feel like you should take this with a pinch of salt. Whatever happens however I believe this movie will be very intriguing and something very interesting to watch.

I love anything to do with serial killers so this one is right up my street! What do you think?

Until next time.




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