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Dexter Season 7 Review

Only one more season to go after this one! Where has the time gone?


In this season Dexter has to go up against a mob boss that wants him dead for killing one his men and possibly exposing the drug ring they have set up. Alongside this we see lots of strippers and a new woman in Dexter’s life known as Hannah McKay, a widow who’s close acquaintances and lovers have all died from heart attacks, bought on we find out, by poison.

Alongside this Deb, his sister, now knows about Dexter’s murderous ways and decides to help him out instead of giving him over to the police. A decision that seems to have lasting consequences on Deb and her mental health.

I won’t give away too much more as this season is a good one.


I won’t lie, it drags at times and certain story-lines get more airtime than others that may deserve them more but overall it’s a very enjoyable watch. It brings something new to the table with Deb now knowing Dexter’s secret and seeing how she handles it and how they work together and against one another.

That’s what I like about this show. It does get repetitive at times but overall they continue to introduce new characters and new plot points that make it feel fresh and not like it’s being dragged out just for the sake of it. I just can’t believe we’re so close to the end!

What did you think of Dexter season 7?

Until next time.

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