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It Trailer Review

I have only ever seen snippets of the original mini series and I tried to read the book but it dragged on a bit for me, so seeing this trailer has definitely spiked my interest again in this story, especially as it looks terrifying!


It is obviously about Pennywise the clown who is harassing and killing these children in a small town. From what I can tell in the trailer he lives in the sewers and his signature is a single red balloon. The group of kids who are being hunted by this clown are trying to stop him and not allow anyone else to be killed, like little Georgie was with the boat/drain scene shown so often in this movie.

The trailer sends you into a false sense of security, showing the children playing and enjoying their youth until the clown strikes and everything changes to a much darker and horrifying group of images including Pennywise in the sewers as well as in a room full of toy clowns and in the children’s bedrooms. He’s an incredibly terrifying character that looms over the kids and is what a stereotypical scary clown character is expected to be like.

One thing that was a bit ‘umm’ for me was hearing Pennywise speak. His voice sounded weird, a bit funny and that pulled me away from the action. Maybe it’ll make more sense with his character as we get to know him but for now I prefer Tim Curry’s interpretation of how the clown spoke because his version terrified me.


This franchise is the reason I am so terrified of clowns and another reason why I have never watched it. I do want to see this movie however to really get to know the characters and the clown himself. You’ll have to let me know if you want a review of the original mini series or even the book too, I’ll happily suffer through that with covered eyes for you guys!

I think this is going to be a cliche movie with all the usual horror tropes but I hope because it has such good source material it’ll be a good movie none the less. Stephen King is a fantastic horror writer and the original It is such a classic I hope this one can do them both justice.

Check out my review of the new Pennywise here!

Are you excited for the new It movie?

Until next time.

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