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Dexter Season 8 Review

Spoilers ahead.

It’s finally over. My first review came out 2 months ago and 8 seasons later I have finished Dexter. I don’t know how to feel about this.


The final season sees Dexter change from a psychopath to a character with more empathy. Deb, his sister, is coming to terms with the fact she killed an innocent woman and this spirals her out of control, while Dexter finds a new accomplice in a woman called Evelyn Vogel who works with serial killers and tries to give them rules, the rules Dexter thought his father had made up. She helps him with his killings until it turns out the serial killer of this season, a man who likes to cut out pieces of people’s brains, is actually her son.

Dexter is able to track him down and get that part of his life sorted while trying to care for his son and spark a love with a returning character, Hannah. In the end he plans to run away to Argentina with Hannah and Harrison and start fresh, but he realises his family would be better off without him as he can never stop killing. He fakes his death during a hurricane and goes to work in a lumber yard. Oh and Deb dies, that was a bit abrupt, like that sentence!


My main issue with this season was the ending. It was very lack-lustre. If it had ended with Hannah finding out Dexter was ‘dead’ and going off to find ice cream with Harrison that would’ve been a cute ending, it rounds it off and finishes the story. But knowing that Dexter is still alive annoys me greatly. I just want to know what he’s doing now, how he is, where he is, who he’s killed, who he may be in contact with. There are just so many questions that I need answering and I feel like if he was dead I’d be more satisfied.

It makes sense for Dexter to kill himself too. He felt like his family would’ve been better off without him and more safe so having him die was the best option. It’s just a shame he felt like he had to live on to make sure he could keep the bad guys off the streets.

After 8 seasons, countless episodes and hundreds of dead people I can confidently say that Dexter is a great series to watch especially if you haven’t seen it before. Something you can binge watch on Netflix if you like. The characters are so well developed throughout the series’ even the ones you hate at the start can make you connect with them later on. Dexter is also a very complex character and seeing him grow and change throughout the whole show is such an interesting watch.

I’m just glad nothing bad happened to Harrison. I love that little guy.

What did you think of Dexter?

Until next time.

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