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GBBO Channel 4 Trailer Review

This may be the most terrifying thing I’ve seen all week.


As everyone knows Channel 4 bought the Great British Bake Off from the BBC earlier this year but since then everything’s been relatively quiet, save a few presenter announcements.

But when you see this trailer you’ll understand why they were quiet…

The trailer shows a bunch of baked goods singing We All Stand Together as they’re whisked, cooked and sliced. Each item has its own face making the whole thing a bit horrific to be honest with you. In the end a large mountain of goodies (including the famous bread lion) take over the screen with a small white tent and a banner with GBBO written on it at the top.

As of yet we don’t have an official air date.

But, will it be any good? This trailer is a far cry from the BBC and definitely shows a bit of Noel Fielding’s flare in it as well. Although it may be slightly grotesque and weird I wouldn’t expect anything less from a show that has Noel as a primary presenter and produced on Channel 4.

This weirdness may draw in audiences though as it is something completely new. With the BBC creating a new cooking show with Mary Berry it is definitely a Mary v Paul situation and it’s on everyones’ minds who will come out on top.

Personally, this terrified me and I worry for the show. I think they may go overboard to make it too different and something new when really all we want is a bunch of dirty puns and delicious looking cakes.

What do you think of the Channel 4 GBBO trailer?

Until next time.

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